Berkeley County Republican Executive Committee

BCREC was established by WV Code for the purpose of carrying out the duties of the Executive Committee, electing Republicans to public office, to advance the principles and interests of the Republican Party and encourage loyalty to the principles of the Republican Party at all levels of government.

Specific responsibilities of BCREC:

1.  Election of Executive Committee Officers.

2.  Fill vacancies of the Executive Committee, candidate for vacancy on the ballot and making recommendation for the Legislative Vacancies.

3.  Recruiting Poll Workers for Elections.

4.  Nomination of County Ballot Commissioner.


Executive Committee Members are elected in the Primary Election for four years.  A male and a female from each magisterial district are elected with the next election being May 10, 2022

Current Member and officers:

Gary Kelley, Chairman


Eric Householder, Vice Chair

Pam Brush, Treasurer

Adam Stephen

Darlene Pulz, Secretary

Bernard Pulz


Carole Newsome

Michael Hite


Sherri Horst

John Overington


Marian Kann

Barry Kann


Renee Jones-Wagner

Donald Forsht

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