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Janet McNulty – Candidate for U.S. Senate

I attended Northern State University for my undergraduate degree, achieved a B.A. in History and attended Southern New Hampshire University for my graduate studies, achieving a M.S. in Information Technology.

I’ve lived in Berkeley County, West Virginia, for 17 years. I moved here because of a job offer, and even though the job itself disappeared soon after I got here, I chose to stay. I am a published author, provide IT consulting, and work in retail. I ran for the WV House of Delegates in 2022 but have never formally held office.

Goals & Priorities
Like most people, I am tired of the same people with the same tired solutions. Career politicians put us $34 trillion in debt, devalued our currency, weakened our military through a series of endless wars, opened our borders to an invasion, weakened us economically by shipping our jobs overseas, and hindered our ability to use our resources for energy production. They give us platitudes, talking points, and symbolism over substance, not solutions. It is time to end the nonsense.

We need to end the reign of the career politician, starting with term limits. Next, we need to close the border. A nation that refuses to enforce its borders and limit immigration is doomed to die. Third, we need to transform our currency into one that has and holds value, and I propose researching the use of goldbacks with the goal of making them legal tender nationwide.

Campaign Slogan
It is time to return government to its intended role: the protection of our individual rights.

Social Media
Website: www.mcnultywv.com 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ therealJanetMcNulty 
Truth Social: https://truthsocial.com/@JanetMcNulty



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