Jenny Lemon for Magistrate photo

Jenny Lemon – Berkeley County Magistrate – Division 2


I was appointed to my current term in October of 2022 to fill the unexpired term of long-time magistrate Harry Snow who retired. I have 2 decades of experience in law enforcement and the court system. I worked for 7 years for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and 2 years as a magistrate assistant in Berkeley County Magistrate Court. Before moving to Berkeley County, I worked 10 years for the State of Iowa Judicial Court system.
I enjoy this work although it is difficult and demanding. There is a balance of working with victims and with those accused of a crime. I strive to be fair and impartial while still keeping the safety of Berkeley County citizens in mind.
Berkeley County is an extremely busy County. It is important to have magistrates with experience to keep the cases moving while still maintaining people’s rights. 
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Tel. (563)343-0617.

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