Michelle Barnes – Berkeley Cnty. Magistrate – Division 2

Education: Master of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership.
Previous Occupation: Telecommunication Manager for over 27 years

Who I Am:

  1. I work hard to ensure Berkeley County community is safe.
  2. I want to ensure everyone who enters my court feels they will have access to justice.
  3. I am an impartial, independent thinker, who practices fairness and has a good knowledge of the law.

Priorities for my term of office:

  1. To continue to work closely with Law Enforcement (Martinsburg Police, State Police, Berkeley County Sheriff Dept/ Federal DEA, FBI/ATF) Issuing/reviewing Criminal complaints/search and Arrest Warrants. Arraignments completed within 24 hours.
  2. By working closely with the Eastern Regional Corrections to ensure jail commits/release
  3. Ensure Domestic Violence Family Protective Orders are entered timely.
  4. Ensure Personal Safety Orders are added to the court docket timely.
  5. Improve the Court’s Truancy Process and work closely with Berkeley County Schools
  6. Work closely with Day Reporting Center and Mental Health Agency
  7. Work closely with Substance Abuse Treatment Centers.

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