Mike Riccio District 90 candidate photo

Mike Riccio – Candidate for WV House – District 90

Background and reason for running:

Please allow me the honor and privilege of being your mouthpiece. The people’s voices are not being heard in government, and the middle and working classes have been demolished because of it.

I am a truck driver, husband, and father that wants to start seeing that be a priority in government again. I want to help our community by actually hearing you and being YOUR voice for YOUR agenda, not mine.

“Make YOUR Voice Heard Again!”

Additional information:
I consider myself a Constitutional Conservative.

Our communities want me to advocate for REAL government and fiscal transparency. We should be able to see where every dollar of government funding goes; this could provide an opportunity to trim unnecessary spending that could be used in more urgent areas.

The economy in West Virginia needs to be stimulated to combat the rampant inflation from bad fiscal policies at the federal level; I would like to remove some of the “red tape” for businesses and entrepreneurs and would support tax reform to put more money back into our pockets.

Also, many people have described some issues in the school system; I want to work on true reform by enacting REAL solutions to these issues for our teachers and children, not just temporary bandages.

Contact information:
[email protected] 

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