Mitch Roberts, Governor, photo

Mitch Roberts – Candidate for WV Governor

I was born in Calhoun County, WV and raised in Parkersburg, WV. I graduated from Parkersburg High School and have lived in the Cross Lanes, WV area for about 29 years. I have worked for a family owned business as a manager for going on 30 years. I have lived my entire life in WV.

I am running for the office of governor so I can try to create a place of economic equality, where the people receive an acceptable wage that is more in line with the rest of the states. I want to take education to the next level. Seniors which make up 16 percent of our population and need to play a more important role in our communities. I am passionate about the people of the state of WV . I have traveled the state extensively, not only in my profession, but as an individual with my family to showcase the greatness of West Virginia.

We have followed the same path as a state, so many times, by taking what is offered but not what we need. I would like to offer the people a chance at something different. I am a proud West Virginian who has had his boots on the ground my whole life. I do not have a mansion, but I do have a house . I do not have a Cadillac, but I do have a truck. Everything has been given to me by the good Lord above.

I would like to have the opportunity to continue the current growth of our economy and set examples for the rest of the country. We, the people of West Virginia, can be leaders, not followers.

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