Chris Anders Del District 97 WV

S. Chris Anders – Candidate for WV House – District 97

S. Chris Anders is the Constitutional Conservative for the Republican Nomination for the 97th House of Delegates in West Virginia.

Born on a small farm, Chris is an avid hunter and dedicated to the Founding Principles of our Republic. Over the past 18 years, Chris has worked with the National Association of Gun Rights, Students for Life, the Educational Freedom Foundation, Campaign for Liberty, We the People, Young Americans for Liberty, and the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership.

With his policy knowledge and institutional knowledge of the political process, Chris is uniquely positioned to fight for freedom, West Virginia and you from Day 1.

Chris as led fights to-

  • Pass Constitutional Carry in several States.

  • Pass Full School Choice

  • Stop Shutdowns, masks and forced vaccinations.

  • Stop Red Flag Gun Confiscation

  • Eliminate Taxes

  • Protect Free Speech

  • Pass Life at Conception

  • Stop “Woke” policies and protect our way of life.

Chris is running to make West Virginia a shining light for Freedom.

He is dedicated to defending and restoring the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, protecting ALL Life beginning at Conception, passing full and complete School Choice, Ending the Berkeley County Rain Tax and the West Virginia Income Tax as well as preventing your tax dollars from funding Woke billionaires like Bill Gates and other Green New Deal radicals to bring their Left-Wing agenda to our State.

He is ready to fight to make West Virginians Free Again and restoring the Constitution and your Constitutionally protected and God given Rights.

The protection of Individual Life, Individual Liberty and Private Property Rights, including the money you earn, was and must be again be the primary role of government.

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