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Nate Cain – Candidate for U.S. Congress

Nate Cain, a dedicated Republican and stanch Conservative candidate running for the U.S. Congressional seat in West Virginia’s 2nd district, prioritizes reigning in governmental overreach, upholding constitutional rights, bolstering national security, and liberating West Virginia from the shackles of excessive federal regulations. With a proven track record, thus far, of working for the people, prior to being elected, Cain has garnered trust and support by championing causes such as

  • clean water in Paden City, WV;
  • authoring Parental Rights Legislation in the WV Congress;
  • advocating for owner/operators-truckers’ rights statewide; and
  • championing fair contracts for mineral rights owners in West Virginia.

Nate Cain is a veteran and the Federal Whistleblower on Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, & Uranium One. He submitted evidence to the DOJ IG, referenced in the Durham Report, page 78.

Nate Cain is a Cyber Security Expert and founder of Cain & Associates. He worked extensively on election integrity, having been called on as an expert witness and cyber forensic investigator by Donald Trump’s White House in the 2020 election. Nate Cain stands firmly with President Donald Trump and proudly endorses him for President of the United States.

Military Service (Nate Cain Endorsed by General Michael Flynn, President Trump’s National Security Advisor):

  • U.S. Army 307th Signal Battalion, HHC, Camp Carol, South Korea (Enlisted)
  • U.S. Army 1111th Signal Battalion, Company A, Raven Rock (Enlisted)
  • U.S. Navy TACTRAGRUPAC, Detachment Yokosuka, Japan (Civil Service)
  • U.S. Navy PHNSY & IMF, JBPHH, Hawaii (Civil Service)
  • U.S. Marines MARFORCYBER, CPT #83, Fort Meade, MD (Civil Service)

1/8/2024 General Flynn Unleashes Endorsement Thunder: Nate Cain Takes on Political Dynasty/Deep State in WV’s Battle for Congress.

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